28 August 2006

To My Son

My downy headed creature
laying sweetly dormant
I wonder if you guess
how little I know
about you
the universe
even though I was your universe,
I gave you life,
and you are half me.
But I have learnt
the preciousness of one moment
caught in you summery green laughter
or your impish crinkly nose
and I find
I know enough.

24 August 2006

Hello, sunshine!

Well, the gold-star question of the hour is how long it will take my web-surfing spozo to discover the secret blogging life of his beloved spoza. Will he be shocked? Amused? Superlatively happy?
I don't know how frequently I can promise posts, or that they'll make sense or that you'll agree with anything I say, but I've been thinking for a while it would be fun to have some outlet for random thoughts and commentaries and inspirations and ventings that haunt me. You might have to put up with some poetry. Lots of family relationship stuff. Probably some religious musings and even occasionally a political incendiary comment or two. Maybe.