05 February 2010


The Boo is so much fun right now.  I can't believe she's less than a month away from being a year old!

She is understanding more of what we're saying and enjoying interacting with us (beyond smiling and crying).  If you say "Yea!" she'll start clapping her hands.  If you say "Bye!" or "Hi!" she'll start waving her hand.  If you say "Sit down," "Spit it out," or "Give that to me," she does it.  She laughs more than the Sita and the Dude did.  We think she's getting some words almost worked out, but we're still not quite sure if she's saying "Mama" to name me or because she just loves saying "Mama" all the time.

She is in love with her big brother and sister.  When either of them is away from her for more than an hour and then she sees them again, she gives them her biggest giggly smile with crinkly nose and squinty eyes and kicks her happy feet.  She loves interacting with people of all ages and especially loves babies smaller than her!

Walking around has still has not captured her interest.  Sometimes she will forget how much she doesn't like standing and will do it, but once she realizes she's standing she immediately sits down.  At least she doesn't scream bloody murder when I try to get her to stand on her feet anymore; she tolerates it for a while and then has had enough and plunks back down.

Whatever we are eating is what she wants to be eating.  We have successfully added cheese and yogurt to her diet (and have high hopes for getting her to take milk to start weaning soon!)  Right now she loves oranges and tangerines.  If she sees citrus fruit, she does her "I want" noise.  If she gets a hold of citrus fruit, she bites through the peel to get at the juicy fruit she knows is inside.

Emptying out is one of her favorite things to do - her toy basket, the diaper bag, my wallet, the bookshelf - whatever she can get her hands on!  She also already loves to hug and cuddle baby dolls.  Right now she's babynapping her elder sister's babies, but soon enough she'll have her own to drag around.

Probably my favorite thing about her is how much she enjoys music.  If someone is singing, she starts jumping, laughing and shrieking (the happy variety).  She loves to bang on the piano.  She would love to bang on the violin (she is quite frustrated that we don't let her).

She is a delight to have, and we're glad she's ours!