03 September 2006

Jesus is Satan's Brother

So, reading on Evangelicals for Mitt, I happened across a post that connected to this site. Here, I read about some queasiness regarding a belief that Jesus could be Satan's brother. I guess it doesn't bother me much because I think that each is an extreme example of our potential to become. We can choose to become as much as possible like Jesus, or we can choose to become like Satan.

We all have that amazing potential to become as influential as these two in the lives of the people around us. Are some people afraid of that potential? Or they just don't think that two diametrically opposed people could possibly be made from the same "stuff"? I think we've all known families where the kids - children of the same two parents - are as unlike each other as night and day. So, why not another pair of brothers? One has made ALL His choices in line with His Father's will, and the other has chosen to think that he knows a better way (basically letting his pride guide him).

Or is it that we are afraid of the power that we have in Choosing? That we, insignificant mortals, can make choices that can elevate us to the divine or thrust us down to hell. I guess that could be pretty scary to people who don't want to believe they can have consequences for their actions - or resposibility for making good choices.

Personally, I'm glad to have the choices, and I know which brother I'd like to emulate.