22 February 2009

Hallelujah, Rejoice!


After about a year of trying to bribe and connive the Sita into going #2 on the potty, today was the day she decided to do it! I almost didn't even let her try because she was using it (as in common with other times) to postpone naptime. Luckily, we got her ready and I told her another story in the series of the Pink Unicorn Chronicles as she nested upon the throne. She almost panicked, but persevered and got it out. She has already sworn off diapers forever.

I should have offered a tea party set a lot sooner, apparently. Only a week after setting this up as the reward we have results! (And because she has decided that tea parties are among The Best Things on the Planet thanks to a visit with Grandma to Crown and Crumpet and playing with a tea set at a friend's house). She was a good sport about having to wait until tomorrow to go get the tea party set (because of course she had to do it on a Sunday!), so we're heading off to a toy store that does NOT stock a pink princess tea set tomorrow to pick out her Special Treat. I'm hoping she'll pick this one.

I'm also really hoping this isn't a one-time thing and that she doesn't regress after the baby arrives. It would be so nice to not have two sets of poopy diapers to change!

19 February 2009

Syrup is Tasty

When the Sita asked for syrup, we were confused. We weren't having waffles. Or pancakes. Or anything that syrup would taste remotely good on. But she kept asking for it.

Finally, she opened up the refrigerator and got out the bottle of Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette, brought it to the Spozo and asked for some of this "syrup" on her plate. To dip her broccoli in (along with everything else on her plate)!

We have known of her obsession with Balsamic Vinaigrette for awhile now. The first time we ever let her try it, we soon discovered that she liked drinking it straight and it was with difficulty that we coaxed her into dipping things (very absorbent things - like bread and broccoli!) into it and then eating it.

We're thinking pickle juice might be something she'd love - as she loves pickles, olives, hummus and Trader Joe's Marinated Bean Salad (canned). Does anyone have any other suggestions of other briny things she might enjoy? (The more calories, the better!)

13 February 2009

Miracle of the Day

Today as we drove home from dropping the Spozo off at the airport, we got to see rainbows! Real, live rainbows!

Since my kids have never really seen a real rainbow before (not sure if that means we don't get out enough or we've just been living where there's a drought), they were awed by it.

And, really?
Rainbows are awesome!

They are miraculous and beautiful and I'm glad we got to see them today - if only to hear the Sita's joy in seeing a rainbow out the window and realizing that joy can be found in simple things.

Especially double rainbows!

04 February 2009

What we had for breakfast


Mmmm. With raspberries from the Berkeley Bowl! Shockingly, we had never been there until yesterday when we were already in that part of town, and I had an entourage to help me keep wiggly children from being lost!