30 January 2008

Out with the old....

...and in with the new!

The Spozo Maravilloso has been desperate to get me a new pair of glasses. He abhorred my old Cynthia Rowley frames. I didn't think they deserved such scorn. The story is that when I tried on these Norma Kamali frames (even though I picked them out mostly to be silly), he immediately Knew These Were the Frames for Me. I didn't quite believe him, but trusted that he saw me more often and knew what I would look best in. And I think he might be right. Maybe.

29 January 2008

My son, the Outlaw

The Dude is interested in familial relationships right now, and we started discussing what an "in-law" is. After I explained that I was his Nonna's daughter-in-law, and Uncle M was my brother-in-law, he thought for a second and then said, "Then I'm your outlaw!"

Cue much riotous laughter.

28 January 2008

In loving memory

By now, you all know that President Hinckley died last night. He was a man of energy, optimism, and love. I always felt better after listening to him speak because of his unfailing confidence in us. He inspired me to try a little harder to be a little better.

He will be missed.

26 January 2008

Magic Disappearing Chocolate

While at See's Candies the other day claiming our Christmas present (thanks, Auntie C!), they gave us our usual sample chocolates. Being preoccupied with picking out which ones we wanted, I held my sample in my hand. After we had finished making the See's employee run back and forth and debating whether to get the raspberry truffle or the raspberry cream, I reached to taste my sample and found only an empty wrapper!

I immediately rounded upon the Spozo and demanded to know where my chocolate had gone! By his look of bewilderment, I surmised that he hadn't taken it. I looked mournfully to the ground and didn't spot it there, either. A little perplexed, I looked around a bit more - and then I remembered: I had a chocolate-loving Cita on my hip.

Now, chocolate is one of the few foods you can name and the Cita will immediately purse her lips and say "ooo!" while doing her happy kicky feet.

And yes, she had dexterously snitched the truffle and had already taken a dainty nibble (I told you she knows how to eat chocolate!). Obviously, the butterscotch caramel had not appeased her. I snatched it back and let the chocolate melt in my mouth, noting that it was especially tasty. I tracked down which flavor it was: Kona Mocha.


Since the only time I get mocha is by happenstance, I enjoyed it thouroughly. I only hope we don't have another Mocha convert on our hands.

25 January 2008


As I scrub the table the Dude prances in, "Hey, Mommy, I can pull [the Cita] up onto your bed!" (He likes showing off his strong muscles.)

"Hmm." I scrape off some cemented-on breakfast cereal, "That's pretty cool. Why would you do that?"

"Because I was up on the bed..... and she loves me!"


22 January 2008

Your Highness

During reading time today, we came across a lot of words that are not in the Dude's usual vocabulary. The words immovable, independent, miraculous, privately, century and anxious among them. (I admit to a little thrill of Parental Pride when he piped up, "And four centuries would be four hundred years!" - especially because he just got the concept of "one hundred" last week!)

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to describe what "with dignity" meant to my four-year old without confusing him even more. My best stuttering attempt, "like a king or queen," didn't fly because he's never really seen a king or a queen, and he literally starts crying and flees the room when we (try to) watch Disney fairytales (those villannesses are quite nasty!).

Finally, I jumped up and tried to show him how not to walk with dignity (I'm very good at that) and then attempting to walk with dignity. Of course, he wanted to try - and did so.... decidedly without dignity. Professor Higgins would've been aghast.

Long story short: I failed to describe "with dignity" with dignity, and I won't be cast as Eliza Doolittle anytime soon.

19 January 2008

Who's more wonderful?

While cleaning, the Spozo Maravilloso prickles as I lord my superior cleaning experience over him.

He waves one of his cards, "I took out the trash!"

I counter with a full house, "I washed, folded AND put your laundry in your drawers!" Smugly thinking I had won this round, I moved in for my victory kiss.

He took the wind out of my sails with this straight flush, "You're right. You're more wonderful than me."

Yea. He's right.

So he won that round.

Darn humility.

Advantage to sparring with spouse: You get a victory kiss no matter who wins.

18 January 2008

Excuse me while I laugh in your face

I admit I knew I was pushing my kids beyond their endurance when I took them into Michael's the other day. My mission was to find some yarn for belated Christmas presents. I didn't expect the trouble to begin before we had even entered the doors.

The Dude started to stage a sit-in protest due to the fact I would not let him push the wobbly Michael's cart with his sister inside. Because I wasn't taking what he considered proper action in regards to his protest, he decided to add a more vocal protest as well. Quite vocal, indeed.

We started getting attention from other customers, so I stopped completely ignoring his protests. While admiring the new Martha Stewart Crafts line (it is so divine), I explained in a neutral voice that he was in NO WAY going to win me over when he was acting like this, and that if he wanted to ride in the cart, I would be happy to put him inside once he stopped his current actions, but that he was Not going to be pushing the cart that day.

I think he's learned that I'm a pretty tough negotiator, so after some token whining he capitulated sooner rather than later. As I wheeled through the store with reformed protester in cart basket, a gentleman stopped me to say, "I was impressed with how you handled your son over there."

Blank staring from me ensues. He passed me, saying, "You must have the patience of Job."

Here's where I start laughing. Not just a little smile or titter, I am belly laughing in the Christmas clearance aisle of Michael's.

I'm still not sure if he meant it as a compliment or not, but I'd like to say, "Sir, Thank you for giving me a good laugh when I needed it, and I hope I didn't offend you."

10 January 2008

That "House of Order" thing might have something to it

I've been meaning for months to put a schedule together for the week. Mostly just for me to say, "Gee, today is Laundry Day - I'd better do some!" or "Even though the bathtub is not growing red algae yet, I shall clean it to be Ahead of the Game!"

Over Christmas, my dear Mother-in-Law suggested that I put things like naps and potty times on a schedule because the Dude does much better when he knows something is coming and when to expect it. When she started speaking, the light started shining and that cool wind started blowing my hair all around and then I knew it was Inspiration.

Accordingly, I've drawn up a "schedule" and getting him to sit on the toilet for five minutes or relaxing on his bed and quietly reading his books is now as easy as asking, "Well, what's on the schedule?"

Just because I inscribed "poo time" and "REST" on a piece of paper seven times!

The Begging and Pleading and finally Ordering on Pain of TubTime associated with getting him to sit on the throne to make a deposit have vanished AND he has actually Taken a Nap Without Prenaptual Tantrum.

My faith in scheduling is restored.


09 January 2008

Now THAT is Generosity

Now that the Dude is four, he is aware that he will be going to school in the next couple of years. A couple blocks after we had dropped his Dad off to work (for the first time in three weeks), the Dude said, "Mama, when I'm five, then I'll go to school and I'll give all my money to you and Daddy to help pay for things."


Apparently he's aware of more than going to school.

Apparently we need to stop discussing finances in front of the Dude.