30 January 2007

For your amusement

I was going to post some class assignment poetry from high school, but I can't find the anthology book. It was a very sappy love sonnet in a Shakespearean style, truncated because I didn't like the last couplet and didn't spend the brain-time to rewrite it. But up next to the rest of the high school love poems (I love you so much, I'd give up my sneakers for you), it sounded quite good.

Maybe I'll find it later.

27 January 2007

Entering the Shadow

It's the one kinda illegal thing I do - or is it?

I started up again because I missed the thrill.

And the money. I haven't done it since returning to California, and it is much more profitable now, let me tell you! I could triple my previous rate easy!

In a couple weeks, I'll be living the easy life.

Ok, so not really, but I'll have some extra pocket money. And that's not all so bad.

24 January 2007

Life Goes On (a svithe)

Sometimes we depend upon the Resurrection too much.

Not that it won't happen. Not that our bodies won't be perfect. But that because our bodies are perfect, everything else will be perfect. I suspect that we'll be surprised at how imperfect our souls still are (although it will be easier to follow Our Father).

We'll probably be surprised at how much our afterlife is just a continuation of our current life.

We hear a lot about how this life is a preparatory state. I don't know why, but that makes me feel as if perfection is supposed to be a long way off - and I can keep putting it off. I don't feel the urgency to change, and being the procrastinator I am, I require that rush of adrenaline to finish (and then crash). Perfection being the longest of long-term projects, I feel like I'm doomed to failure.

I was reading through a Madeleine L'Engle quote book, and (now I can't find it) she said something about how heaven will be familiar because we will have been living it. And that bringing heaven to earth is what being Christian is all about. It made me reflect on how un-heavenly I've been recently.

So, I'm going to stop putting off my heaven on earth. Tomorrow.

11 January 2007

Bambi meets train and wins

While visiting the Grandparents over Christmas break, the Dude obsessed over his trains. The tracks covered all the available floorspace of an entire room. He wanted to play all day. This is not a problem. That he wanted someone to play with him all day was.

In consequence, the "train shift" came into existence. All adults in the house were expected to do their fair share and play trains with the Dude at least once during the day.

Nearing the end of one day after a late dinner, the Dude began, with his best polite asking voice, to ask if someone would like to play trains with him. Having gotten (polite) refusals from Grandpa and me, he turned to his daddy. The Spozo Maravilloso, not wanting to say a direct no to the Dude, stalled, saying, "You just want someone to be really nice and play trains with you, don't you?"

The Dude paused thoughtfully for a moment. He turned to Grandma and asked (still in his nicest voice), "Grandma, are you nice?"

Grandma went and played with him.

After we all laughed for a good five minutes.