10 December 2012

Oh the Catching Up-ed-ness!

I figure since I put this blog on our Christmas Card, I should actually put a current post up.  And hey, I actually DID Christmas Cards!!!!  We have NEVER done Christmas Cards before!  We did a Christmas letter a couple times, but never a CARD.

The Dude is now in 4th grade.  He has already completely his California Mission Project (with distinction).  He is still playing the violin and is getting really good and a joy to listen to.  His little quartet from Violin Camp this summer has had a couple other chances to perform because they were just so good.  :) Having recently acquired dragon-wings has made him very happy and he loves swooping around the house.

Sita is in 1st grade.  Apparently she's quite the popular little person on the playground but has a lot of the accompanying drama that goes with it.  She is also plucking away at the violin and is starting to actually read the music.  We are still trying to stay ahead of her reading, but that is fairly impossible.  She is such a good storyteller that sometimes it is hard to winnow fact from fiction and she has such a good imagination that sometimes it is hard for HER to tell fact from fiction.

Boo's favorite things to do are to have books read to her, play dress up with Sita or play dragons with the Dude.  She loves going to her preschool once a week and especially enjoying the company of another little girl that has ALMOST the same name as her.  It can get rather confusing when they're hanging out together (which they do a lot!)  She is also my great helper around the house and likes kneading bread with her Daddy.

The Spozo Maravilloso is doing Very Important Things at work.  He is filing for a patent (again)!  He'll have to tell you what it is actually about.  He is also in demand at conferences and has gone to several this year (although none outside of the U.S. - which is sad because I got my passport renewed just so I could come with him if he got to go to a foreign one!)  He loves teaching the Elder's Quorum (men's group) lessons at church and is getting attention for his wonderful singing and oboe-ing.  The children are caught up in watching him defeat the Evil Demons on Zelda Skyward Sword.

I got to go to Girls' Camp again this year (thanks to Nonna and GrandMary!).  I went with one of the groups that go on an overnight hike, which was my first time ever.  It was a great experience and I had a great time with the girls.  I have been teaching art lessons for the Dude's and Sita's classes (because the parents teach the art here - they give you all the lesson plans and supplies).  Getting to know the kids in their classes and their teachers has been great - and I just love teaching art!  :)  I just got released from working with the Young Women and am now the Thing Formerly Called Enrichment Coordinator.  Being in Relief Society again is nice, but I still miss working with the youth.

That is us in a very nutshell!

I will try to post more often!