27 September 2008


We have been sadly lacking in games at our house, so in the past couple weeks we've been accumulating games. We now have Candy Land (the Sita's favorite), Go Fish and Parcheesi. Parcheesi took awhile to arrive, and when it did, the first thing the Dude did (after asking to see the board and pieces) was to read the rules. I was busy making sure the Sita didn't scatter the pieces to the wind before playing our first game and then cleaning up the wrappings and uploading our new Carnival of the Animals music, so I just asked him to make sure the rules got back in the box when he was done.

Now, you would think that I would be past being surprised at the Dude's comprehension, but I admit I wasn't expecting him to understand the rules. He did! When we played for the first time and the Sita rolled her doubles he got so excited for her that she got to go AGAIN because she had rolled doubles!

Watch out if he challenges you to a game of Memory. He beat me. Both times. And I wasn't trying to be nice.

07 September 2008

Traumatized for Life

Until last week, the Sita had one deadly fear in her life: Buzzy Bees. She has never been stung. She has never had one land on her. She just fears anything that buzzes and flies. Which includes flies. This fear was not helped by a fly that got trapped in our car and then landed on her head.

Then. Last week we went to the scenic city of Monterey and while we were dining in the park, the seagulls decided that we had some pretty good food to eat. We were mostly tolerant of their begging and (unfortunately) gave them the random french fry that fell to the ground. Little did we know this was a major tactical error.

In a feat of great cunning, a seagull got close to us and then leapt up and grabbed a chicken nugget RIGHT OUT OF THE SITA'S HAND, then flapped away to enjoy its spoils leaving a devastated Sita behind. She cried unconsolably for five minutes and screamed whenever she saw another seagull for the rest of the evening.

Luckily, the Dude loves to chase birds and was very happy to chase away the offending birds until their birdy brains understood that coming near us meant having an energetic little boy run after them while laughing maniacally (and that there was no food). He was our little Knight and scared the monsters away. The Sita enjoyed the sport after awhile and started yelling, "Naughty Bird!" to all seagulls that ventured near.

This past week, she has been retelling the thrilling story of the theft of her chicken nugget to all who will listen. But she also has another phobia. If she sees any seagulls, she shrieks and needs to be comforted from the safety of parental arms. At least she's a discerning girl. She only accuses seagulls of being "naughty birds." The rest of our avian friends remain safe from her scorn.

I don't think we'll be watching The Birds anytime soon.

06 September 2008

Our Reading Material

While I was preparing my lesson tonight, I had Jesus the Christ by Hugh Nibley out and the Dude popped in to see what I was up to. He read the title and then opened it to chapter 1. He then asked me, "Can we read Chapter 1 together?"
I said, "It's probably very long...."
He flips through the pages, "No, Mommy, it's only This Long."
He shows me that it's only 5 pages (of really dense text) long.
"Sweetie, it has a lot of really long and tricky words..."
(He usually hates too many long words all at once.)
"Mommy, that's ok. I really want to read it."
How do you fight that?
"Alright, Dude, let's read!"
And we did. Tricky words and all. Until bedtime.
(We didn't finish.)