30 August 2008

Long Car Trips Bring Surprises

You might remember last year on our long trip up to Portland, the Dude surprised us with what he could do.

Recently, on our way home from SoCal, the Dude states, "Daddy, you can tell how fast you're going by 10s because it goes 10, 20, 30, 40...."

The Spozo and I glance at each other in slightly amused surprise before I exclaim, "You're right! Where'd you learn that?"

"Oh, I read it in my Math Brain Quest!"

(Thanks to our friends for giving us those Brain Quests! They keep him occupied for hours!)


24 August 2008

Welcome, Trespasser!

Our walls snickered when they heard this today:

"I'm done with being sick. I'm ready to be glow-y and beatific."