11 January 2007

Bambi meets train and wins

While visiting the Grandparents over Christmas break, the Dude obsessed over his trains. The tracks covered all the available floorspace of an entire room. He wanted to play all day. This is not a problem. That he wanted someone to play with him all day was.

In consequence, the "train shift" came into existence. All adults in the house were expected to do their fair share and play trains with the Dude at least once during the day.

Nearing the end of one day after a late dinner, the Dude began, with his best polite asking voice, to ask if someone would like to play trains with him. Having gotten (polite) refusals from Grandpa and me, he turned to his daddy. The Spozo Maravilloso, not wanting to say a direct no to the Dude, stalled, saying, "You just want someone to be really nice and play trains with you, don't you?"

The Dude paused thoughtfully for a moment. He turned to Grandma and asked (still in his nicest voice), "Grandma, are you nice?"

Grandma went and played with him.

After we all laughed for a good five minutes.

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