19 December 2008

The Dude Turns 5!


The Dude has gotten his fill of dinosaurs and digging for a while! I am glad the two things I thought would be most fun were popular! The kids really enjoyed digging up (and sometimes re-unearthing multiple times) the dinosaurs and dinosaur bones and they REALLY liked being told it was OK to play with their food (even if they didn't end up eating most of it - except for the dinosaur chicken nuggets, of course!) One picture that I wish I had gotten was the Dude's slice of cake after he was "done." He ate the ganache frosting and left the rest of the cake untouched! Thanks to Lady Steed for all the pictures!

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Marie HMJ said...

what a cute cake! adorable. I really hope I haven't missed your shower. I have something really cute for your baby girl!!! I might just have to come out to deliver it in person.
love, marie J.