16 November 2006

It is easier to die

Firstly: don't worry! I'm not suicidal!

While reading Ben Okri's The Famished Road (kinda like Shakespeare doing African Magical Realism without iambic pentameter), I found: "It is easier to die than to love."

Having never died, I guess I'm not really an expert on comparative easiness of death versus Other, but I have loved, and I find it rather difficult some days. Death is such a final act. There's no reversing it (immediately, at least), and it's a one-time deal. You die, that is it. The End.

But love, love is found in unending acts of forgiveness and sacrifice and service. There is no end to it. You can die for love, of course, in an act of ultimate sacrifice (or stupidity), but living for love, I think is even harder. Loving live people is the hardest, because their imperfections are constantly colliding with our own imperfections - hence friction!

So go out and love someone today - it might be harder than dying, but you'll enjoy living more because of it!


Lady Steed said...

Sweet! You now allow comments, I am so glad.

Dying is always the easy way. It's the easy way out...unless of course you die for a cause, but otherwise dying is easy. That's why I consider suicide an incredibly selfish and uncourageous act.

To love is hard. At first it might seem easy but no, it's not always nice and easy to love another person.

Sposita said...

Honestly, I didn't realize I didn't allow comments until a day ago. Sorry!

So, you win a prize for being my first commenter ever! What type of sweeet toothy thing can I make you?

Runners up get prizes, too. =)

Th. said...


Oo! Me! Me!

Lady Steed said...


Maybe Theric should say what he would like...

Or, how about brownies?