09 December 2006

the Dude turns Three!

Today was the birthday.

Unfortunately, it was also the choir practice and church Christmas Party day.

So, sandwiched in between these activities, we had a small party for the Dude. Rosita Chiquita didn't even attend (due to an unavoidable appointment with a nap). Then again, the Dude probably appreciated sole attention from his parents. Probably the best birthday present she could've given him.

He didn't blow out his own candles since we can't convince him that blowing out has no "f" in it. (We've tried, we've really tried! Any suggestions?) We've only recently convinced him that three has no "f" in it. Good thing, too, or he'd go around saying "I'm free!" and I'm sure someone would snatch him up because he's such a deal.

He ate his chocolate cake with chocolate mint frosting that he helped make. He opened presents.

He was completely satisfied.

So why do I feel vaguely guilty?

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