15 December 2006

Limited Edition DVD

~Behind the Scenes~

The Spozo Maravilloso has been working diligently on our annual photo and movie DVD. The background music for the slideshow is usually the hardest part of the project. The movies: we just pick the ones we like. The photos: we just pick the ones we like. The music: has to fit the pictures. can't be too sad or depressing. can't be too alternative. can't be too quiet. can't be too loud. can't have dynamics.

I discovered a new limitation this year: The SM declares a unilateral ban on music that sounds "too country."

The SM has been asking for suggestions of music. Since I happen to like some country-ish type music and it is not too sad or alternative or quiet, I mention them. With a scowl and rolling of eyes (which the SM will swear he Never Does), it is rejected. Forcibly.

Musical differences aside, I think it is going to be great, although I'm not sure if our parents will keep the sound on while the movie is running. (The music diverts from the traditionally classical past editions).

~Marketing Shpeel~

The limited edition Catanzaro Family 2006 DVD (sure to be a great hit with the fans of the Dude and Rosita Chiquita) will be available only through select channels starting tomorrow! Reserve yours now!

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