06 December 2006

Comparative Satisfaction of Old Shirts and Birthdays: A Complete Analysis

The more birthdays you have, the less exciting they are.

I don't know if it is simply because as you accumulate more of them, the less the glamour of having yet another wears off. It is all about diminishing returns.

The first triple fudge brownie sundae with mint chocolate fudge sauce is really great, but the second isn't so great. Perhaps birthdays are more like shirts. The first few are really great, but after a certain point, they're just overflowing out of the drawers and closets and littering the floor. And then you get another. Yeah.

I'm to the overflowing drawer (singular!) stage of birthday satisfaction.

Too bad you can't get rid of birthdays like you can old shirts. Then I could just make room for more and enjoy the next as much as I did my first five.

Not that I didn't enjoy my birthday. The Spozo Maravilloso exerted himself to make sure my birthday was wonderful. He spent way too much on my present (as usual), made a scrumptious carrot birthday cake with ginger orange cream cheese frosting (highly unusual), and also "helped" the Dude pick out a gift for me (a first!).

The Dude was so excited to give me a present. He made sure that I opened his present first. Seeing his excitement made me enjoy opening presents all over again (So, maybe having young kids around helps you get rid of some of those old shirt birthdays. Hey! Now I understand why grandparents conspire to have grandchildren around come Christmas day).

SM was also quite excited for me to open his present because it represented the fruit of a year-long search! (See below) The perfect gift (for me)! He determined (with consensus) that it is not only beautiful, but it also reflects my personality perfectly. He hasn't explained the specifics of why. Not that I disagree, I'm just curious.

What do you think?


Lady Steed said...

Because it looks like a butterfly and to him you, like a butterfly, are a beautiful gift from God.....?

Or maybe he just thinks you have a RED personality.


sorry I'm late.

Th. said...


That's pretty. Lady Steed tells me you've already wore it. This makes me feel dumb.

Sposita said...

lady steed: it's ok. i didn't advertize.

ah,yes! a gift from God! he shakes his head. guess not.

theric: why would you feel dumb?